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Cancer and Acupuncture

Cancer the mere mention of the name, fills most of us with fear. Thankfully today much progress has been made in the fight against Cancer. Today the emphasis is on early detection, support, and aggressive treatment.

Cancer is essentially were abnormal cells in the body multiply, at an uncontrollable rate. These cells can go on to form lumps and tumors. These tumors can detach themselves and move to other parts of the body.

The main risk factors for Cancer include-  family history, stress,  smoking, obesity, heavy alcohol consumption, UV exposure, chemicals, pesticides, pollution, lack of exercise, poor diet, getting older, infection from certain viruses. Other causes of Cancer remain unknown.

Over 200 types of Cancer have been identified. Cancer effects all ages, sexes, and ethnic groups. The most common forms of Cancer include-

Skin Cancer

Lung Cancer,

Breast Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Bowel Cancer

Bladder Cancer

Kidney Cancer

Non Hodgkins lymphoma


Treatments include, Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, and Surgery.

There are also new improved treatments for certain types of cancer.

So what can Acupuncture and TCM do?

control cancer pain

reduces hot flushes associated with some cancers

decrease nausea

reduce vomiting

relieves stress

boost immune system

improves cancer treatment, and chemotherapy side effects

supports the treatment of various types of cancer

Diet and Cancer

While there is no, one diet fits all for cancer, it is vitally important that a good diet is adhered to. Certain foods  are helpful in the fight against cancer. These include-

cruciferous vegtables- cabbage, broccolli, sprouts  etc

Brightly coloured fruit and vegtables- oranges, tomatoes, etc

leafy greens- cauliflower, kale, etc

berries- rasberries, strawberries, grapes, etc

herbs and spices- garlic, onion, curry, etc

fish- salmon, cod, etc

certain nuts and seeds

Over acidity car-rodes body tissue. This can interrupt cellular activity, causing cancer. Cancer cells find it more difficult to survive in an alkaline environment. For more information click on the following sites-

Written by Joanne Mc Govern – Dip Ac., Lic Ac., Dip. Chinese Herbs, Dip. Nutritional Advisor, Dip Stress Management Consultant.






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